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Know How Long You’ve Been Pregnant


The duration of a pregnancy affects many things, including your health, determining the possible father of the baby, and your available options. Knowing exactly how far along you are in your pregnancy can be confusing.

When did I Conceive?

Pregnancy symptoms vary among women and are an unreliable guide to determining how long you’ve been pregnant. So, how do you determine how far along you are? Or another way of saying it is, when was the date of conception?

Pregnancy Tests

Over-the-counter pregnancy tests can give you a positive or negative result, indicating (but not confirming) whether you are pregnant. A positive test can be confirmed with blood work by a doctor’s office or with an ultrasound. While the pregnancy test doesn’t provide precise timing information, they can be a first step in understanding your situation.

Menstrual Cycle

Tracking your menstrual cycle can estimate when you got pregnant. It’s not an exact method, but it can give you a general idea. Several excellent apps can help you track your cycle, such as Preg Wheel, Flo, or Fertility Friend.

Knowing the first date of your last period is critical. This is the date most commonly used to estimate gestational age. Most women start their period about two weeks before ovulation. The days surrounding ovulation are when women are fertile. Conception typically occurs between eleven and twenty-one days after the first day of your last period.

Most women don’t know their exact day of ovulation, but they usually know when their last period began, so this is the most reliable way to estimate how far along you are and your due date.


An ultrasound performed by a medical professional can accurately determine the timeline of a pregnancy. It’s a safe and reliable way to know how far along you might be and can also verify the location and viability of the pregnancy. This is especially helpful for women who have irregular periods or who cannot recall the first day of their last period.

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