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4 weird early pregnancy signs

4 Weird Early Pregnancy Signs

Four Weird Early Signs

There are a host of early pregnancy symptoms that may be unexpected.  There are classic signs of pregnancy, but there are some weird early signs that you are pregnant. You are unique, and not everyone has the same early symptoms. 

The best way to know you are pregnant is by taking a pregnancy test. The higher hCG levels in your urine are used to detect pregnancy through a pregnancy test.   Pregnancy Center East provides free pregnancy testing. You can make an appointment by clicking the link above or call us at 513-321-3100 to schedule.

Here are the 4 Weirdest Early Pregnancy Signs

1. You Taste Metal

There is a condition called dysgeusia that has some pregnant women tasting metal. The increases in estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy can lead to changes in taste.  

2. Your Chest Burns

It’s hormones again. The valve between your stomach and esophagus becomes relaxed during pregnancy, which can cause stomach acid causing heartburn.

3. You Feel Dizzy

Is the room spinning? Do you feel lightheaded? Your blood pressure can drop during pregnancy and cause and blood vessels to dilate. 

Note: Severe dizziness, vaginal bleeding, and severe abdominal pain could be a sign of ectopic pregnancy; an ultrasound can rule out if you have an ectopic pregnancy.

4. You Have a Light Period

Yes, up to 40% of women will have some spotting early in a pregnancy. Implantation bleeding happens when the fertilized egg attaches to the uterine lining. It occurs about two weeks after conception.


If experiencing any of these or classic pregnancy symptoms, let’s start with the first step, schedule an appointment at our center for a free and confidential pregnancy test.  Schedule at the link above or call to schedule.

Do you have any questions?   We are here to help. We are compassionate and non-judgmental.  Call us anytime on our 24-hour hotline at 513-321-3100.

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