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4 perks of a pregnancy center

4 Surprising Perks of a No-Cost Pregnancy Center

The Surprising Perks of a No-Cost Pregnancy Center

Finding out you’re pregnant can be overwhelming. You may have taken a home pregnancy test that came up positive. You may be worried about a false positive or a false negative result; a million questions center your mind. As you contemplate your next steps, consider the benefits of a no-cost pregnancy center for free services and answers to your questions. While Some Women’s Centers charge for their services, Pregnancy Center East does not.

Here are the Perks of Pregnancy Center East

1.  No Insurance Required 

Our services are absolutely free, without the hassle of insurance. When you’re facing an unexpected pregnancy, you don’t need the added stress of how to afford a pregnancy test, ultrasound, or other services.

2.  Early Pregnancy Confirmation

More options are available to you the earlier your pregnancy is confirmed. We can provide early pregnancy confirmation, giving accurate information, and more time to make an informed decision.

3.  Compassionate and Non-judgmental Staff

Our trained professionals are here to help. Many of us have been in your shoes and understand what you’re going through. We’re here to support you through it all. 

4.  Free Services Means No Pressure

Since all of our services are free, we have no financial interest in your decision. As a result, we give you a pressure-free environment, a safe space to make your best decision.

Take the next best step to get all your options and available resources.  Call us 24/7 at 513-321-3100 or make an appointment at the top of this page.


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